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First put in service: 1989.

Last revised: 07/10/2008.

Sold: Completely reviewed and restored to comply with new safety standards.


For packing cables up to 45mm in diameter.

Very quick changeover for packaging on coiling head or cable drum.

Mechanically-welded chassis equipped with 4 wheels, 2 of them directional, and a ground locking system.

Lifting and lowering by manual hydraulic pump.

Manual clamping and release of spindles.

Cable drum taken between points with reeling by 3 steel points.

Coiling head for producing reels without any disassembly. Operator shielded from the rotating coiling head by protective casing.

Winding of cable drums Ø maximum exterior 1200mm, maximum width 820mm and maximum weight 800kg.

Motorised reeling of 1.5kW for a speed between 0 and 60t/mn.

The mobile trolley enables traversing with infeed and outfeed cable guides.

Features mechanical measuring device with a double preselection allowing quick winding then slowing before automatically stopping at the preselected length.

Calibrated measuring wheel where 2 turns = 1 metre.

No cable-cutting system.

Power supply 220 V single-phased + E.

FranceInformazioni e prezzi :
Telefono: +33 (0)5 53 88 70 87.
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Triangulated lifting unit 2200×1900




Mechanically-welded chassis.

Lifting and clamping of spindles with double-action hydraulic pistons.

Cable drums suitable for this roller:

Ø minimum: 600mm,

Ø maximum: 1900mm,

Minimum width: 380mm,

Maximum width: 1200mm,

Maximum load: 2500 kg.

Coiling head for reel formation.

Cable drum spindles with a central hole Ø 82 with adjustment cone in case of misalignment.

Optional electronic traversing, proportional to the winding.

Infeed and outfeed guidance with diaphragm-type cable guides.

Motorised 6-wheel measuring device to guarantee extreme precision, particularly on coiled cables.

Cable-cutting by double-action hydraulic shears TC 120, for cables of Ø 110mm maximum.


Mechanically welded chassis.

Cable drums allowed on the roller:

Ø minimum: 900mm,

Ø maximum: 2200mm,

Minimum width: 380mm,

Maximum width: 1400mm,

Maximum load: 4000 kg.


Length: 6.5 metres.

Width: 3.5 metres.

Height: 2.85 metres.

FranceInformazioni e prezzi :
Telefono: +33 (0)5 53 88 70 87.
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