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BOBICAB II mecanique


First put in service: Between 1988 and 1993

Optional: sold as is or completely revised and updated to comply with new safety standards.


For the packaging of cables up to 50mm in diameter.

Very quick changeover for packaging on coiling head or cable drum.

Compact, one-piece, mechanically welded chassis equipped with 4 wheels, 2 of them directional.

Cable drums positioned between points with lifting system by handwheel and chain, held in working position by ratchet system.

Motorised reeling with direct current of 1kW with an electronic inverter for a speed between 0 and 60t/mn.

Cable drum held on spindles, with reeling by adjustable spindle drive.

Coiling head for producing reels without any disassembly.

Positioned in place of the cable drum by 180° rotation of the coiling head.

Winding of cable drums Ø maximum exterior 1200mm, maximum width 820mm and maximum weight 900 kg.

Supply voltage: 220 V mono 50 Hz + earth: 2 kW.

Manual traversing with infeed and outfeed cable guides.

Features new electronic measuring device with a double preselection allowing quick winding then slowing before automatically stopping at the preselected length.

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